We want you

So, you want to be a professional paid gamemaster. If you choose to work with Heartbreaker Press you get:

  • Choose your own schedule and clients, and your own fees.
  • Competitive profits. As a base you get 85% of the profits of a session, but if you run 10 sessions or more within 2 weeks you instead get 90% of profits.
  • If you run Play by Post game, you get 90% of profits by default.
  • Pro level access to Roll20.
  • Access to a larger pool of potential clients, thanks to advertising.
  • Access to company map files and other resources.
  • Your players will get a 10% discount on game products, and you'll get 3% of their sales as a commission.
  • 5% above cost physical products for yourself, through me.  

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Let's game together!

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Send us your Character Sheet!

If you're interested in becoming part of the team, send an email to us with your experience as a GM. If we end up accepting you we'll send you a contract and get you set up in the company.

Heartbreaker Press