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What happens if I can’t make a session?

Any player who cancels:

  • 24 hours or more before a session happens – no cost  
  • Within 24 hours, but before the session starts – half cost, for inconvenience  
  • No show, no cancellation – Full price  

If the GM cancels a session:

  • 24 hours or more before a session happens – the money for the missed session is instead used to pay for the next session  
  • Within 24 hours, but before the session starts – the next session is half off  
  • No show, no cancellation  – the next session is free  

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Gamemaster Profiles


Are you tired of having to GM for your friends all the time because  none of them will take a turn in the big chair? Do you want to play as  pirates or in the Eberron setting or some other specific campaign  concept and can’t find one who will run it? Are you having difficulty  finding a GM for non-D&D systems like Rogue Trader, Star Wars, or  Vampire: the Masquerade? Do you just want a GM who will see a campaign  through instead of ducking out after three sessions again?

If so, I have good news for you! I offer professional GMing services – I will run the system you want, with the adventure you want, with the group you want. I have the bog standard decade’s worth of experience GMing, of course, but I’ve also written a GM’s Guide and there  are already three groups consistently paying me to run games for them  right now (as of 8/4/2018). These are not personal friends offering me a  leg up, but people who were total strangers until I started running  paid games for them. Three different groups pay me for weekly  games, and I cannot imagine why anyone would continue paying for a game  unless they were enjoying it. 

 One of the biggest benefits of a professional GM is reliability. For the entire time I’ve been running professionally, I have only ever had to cancel two sessions. One was because I received an evacuation notice due to wildfires in the area, and the other was because of my grandmother’s funeral. If you pay for a game, the game will happen. 


I have extensive experience with and am confident in my abilities in the following systems:

  • D&D 3e (including Pathfinder 1e)
  • D&D 5e
  • FFG’s Star Wars
  • Star Wars: Saga Edition
  • FFG’s 40k RPGs
  • FATE
  • Apocalypse World (and by extension most hacks – including Dungeon World)
  • Vampire: the Masquerade 3e
  • After Sundown (an obscure but well-designed WoD fanmade successor)

Pre-existing adventure paths in familiar systems
$15/player, per session

This certainly includes any adventures officially published for both  D&D 5e and Pathfinder, the two titans of adventure paths as of the  writing, and also includes things like the official adventures released  by FFG for their 40k RPGs and just about anything you can find in  Dungeon Magazine or the DM’s Guild.

Custom content in familiar systems
$30/player, per session

When making custom content, I can accept any amount of guidance on  what content you’d like from none at all to the inclusion of specific  NPCs and set pieces in a particular adventure (in fact, if you take it  so far as to write out an entire adventure path for me to run for you,  not only will I do that, it’s actually cheaper – see above).

Unfamiliar systems
$45/player, per session

If you want me to run an obscure system that you aren’t able to find  another GM for at all, you do have to subsidize my learning the system,  but I’ll do it. Now, God’s honest truth is that you will be paying more  money for a worse service. I’ll do my best, but I don’t have the kind of  experience here as I do with other systems, so I don’t recommend this  unless you really want to play in a certain system and have been unable to find a free GM. Unlike the other systems I’ve mentioned, if you can find a free GM, they’ll probably be just as good at it as I am.

For more information including frequently asked questions, you can view the full page at my blog.

GM: Eight Headed

I’m a seasoned veteran with many years of experience GMing under my belt, tempered within a group that has an abnormally long (in my experience) history as many groups have fallen apart in a fraction of the time mine has endured. Within my circles are other professionals that know their favorite settings inside and out, with the oldest members have more than a decade of experience of their own, in both of designing content and GMing.

- Alias on company Discord: 

System Specialty:

Third edition is my favored system despite its bulky, complex nature because of the flexibility it offers.  Of 3.5 edition alone, as of writing this I have run nearly four hundred sessions for others.  If I factor in other systems and mediums, that becomes more than I can count.  Commonly I run adventures heavy on plot and story, but I have plenty of familiarity with the mechanics.

  • Local Play: No
  • New Players: New players are welcome.
  • Session Duration: Usually a session is four hours.
  • Rates: As per company standard.
  • Willing to do Extra Hours: Yes.
  • Schedule Openings: Sundays through Thursdays, 12 PM PST to 9 PM PST.

- Evil Campaigns:

If you want to play an Evil character within a normal campaign, it should be fine provided that the party can get along with each other enough to adventure as a group.  If you want an actual party of Evil characters doing Evil things that can be arranged provided the decision is made ahead of time and everyone is on board for the idea.

- Dark messed up stuff:

How do you like your adventures? I can do PG, and I can do rated R as long as we’re clear from the get-go what kind of campaign it’s going to be.  

What about... X rated? 

If you really want that, there is a three seat minimum and with premium surcharge of +$20 per player. You can pay for one or two empty seats yourself if you wish.   Contact me for more details on what I will and won't allow. 

GM: Zae

I am an experienced GM who has been running various games both online and offline for over a decade, across a number of different systems. I am a fan of tailoring the content of a game towards the players – both in the theme of the game matching what people expect and creating custom content to make it memorable. I try to adapt to what the players do so that even a pre-written module will feel like “your” story and adventure, creating moments you can talk about later.

I welcome both new and experienced players, and am more than happy to cater for a group that knows each other in real life and has a set of group expectations from the start – naturally when you game together you form houserules and “Gentleman’s Agreements” that you all agree to, and I can make sure a game fits any changes you wish to introduce.


The following systems are ones with which I have a lot of experience (both as a GM and as a player) and am confident in making an entertaining game with little difficulty:

  • Dungeons and Dragons (3.0 and 3.5)
  • Pathfinder
  • Rifts
  • Vampire: the Masquerade (assorted editions)
  • Vampire/Demon: Kindred of the East
  • Big Eyes Small Mouth (3rd Edition)
  • Maid RPG

The following systems are ones I have played enough to know the basics, where I can comfortably say I could look at the books again to refamiliarise myself and have the proper knowledge to run a game. Essentially, I don’t have the same experience, and there would be a delay as I make sure I have the knowledge before running:

  • Dungeons and Dragons (5th Edition)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Ninjas and Superspies
  • Dark Heresy / Rogue Trader (first edition)
  • Demon: the Fallen
  • Shadowrun (4th and 5th Edition)
  • SLA Industries
  • Godbound
  • Exalted (not the current edition)

I am also familiar with a variety of smaller oddities and fan projects such as the Final Fantasy RPG. For any game not on the above list, feel free to ask, but understand that the answer might be “No” or “Sure, but it will take a while”. The above lists should be seen more as strong points than a definitive list or even personal preferences. Similarly, feel free to pitch your own house rules, custom content and similar. As you are the customers, I will work to incorporate these. Assuming all players want a specific rule, that rule is in. If all players agree to allowing a custom race, class, item or whatever, it is in. In other cases, I will adjucate or put it to a simple vote.

As for the types of games and campaigns, I strive to offer flexibility in order to deliver the service you want. It is important we all agree beforehand on the sort of experience you are after, and I can adjust this over time if your preferences change, but if you say at the start that you want a published adventure path with no alterations, that’s what I will give you. If you want something entirely of my own creation or based on a TV show, novel, video game or stage play, then that’s what I will give you. The following are merely examples:

  • Published adventures/campaigns
  • Adapted adventures or “plot hooks and individual encounters” grown into full adventures
  • Sandbox style player-driven campaigns
  • Player-focused stories based on your backstories and provided hooks
  • Stories and content based heavily on existing media
  • Entirely Homebrew: Fleshed out worlds and characters, either my own or with your input as well
  • Specifically generic “kitchen sink” that allows for any material
  • Campaigns with a historical basis
  • Genre-inversions, “Playing the villain” and similar

Questions and Answers

Can you help me create or level my character?

Certainly. While I’m happy to leave it up to you to make your character then just look over it when you’re done, I can also help with any steps, such as providing advice or answering questions you have during the creation process, or could make a character for you based on your own parameters if you prefer that. Having run games for conventions, I am quite used to doing this in fact.

Is the group size fixed?

No. I am most comfortable with a group of 3-5, but can tailor a game for different group sizes or even single-player games. Furthermore, given notice ahead of time I can allow for the group size changing as another person joins, or someone leaves for whatever reason. This does not need to be locked in. Again, having run games at conventions, flexibility has always been a requirement.

When can you run a game?

I live in Australia, at UTC +9:30, and can run most days of the week, starting at around midday and ending around midnight. Within this rough timezone, pick a 3-4 hour block and we should be good to go. The only exception to this is currently Tuesdays, where I am not available to run.

What clients and services do you use to run your games?

There are a number of things available, and I’ll generally go with what works for everyone else. I can run things via IRC (and have done so for around ten years), Discord (although I admit I am still getting used to it as a platform), and Roll20. I am aware other sites exist which work similarly, and I am more than happy to look into them if the players prefer. I do not use (or even own) a microphone or webcam, however.

What’s the longest-running game you’ve actually run?

Typically the longest running games have gone for just shy of a year – starting when everyone is back from the Summer holidays and people are rocking up at University before classes resume, and ending in the Summer holidays before Christmas (Southern Hemisphere). The first game was a very silly BESM game that mashed various anime ideas together and was a learning experience, the most recent one was a D&D 3.5 game based on the Disgaea video games. I have also run forum-based games that have lasted for well over a year, but forum-based games are very different beasts.