Professional Game Masters

Heartbreaker Presses' professional GMs remove the tedious and uncertain process of trying to find a decent GM. Every GM in our roster is a veteran with many years of experience, pre-vetted for competence and reliability to guarantee that you will get the game you want from its beginning until its end - no more wading through LFG pages trying to sort the good GMs out from the assholes, and no more campaigns lost to GMs burning out halfway through the first plot arc. 

Heartbreaker Press takes care of all the vetting for you, offering a wide variety of different game systems and GMing styles. The game will run, come Hell or high water.

A reliable Game Master can be difficult to find. None your friends nobody wants to do it. Setting up the experience for the players can feel like a thankless or under-appreciated job to some. Maybe you know a GM that's eager to run campaigns but is prone to abusing that power to bully the characters or otherwise control the game in a selfish way. Or maybe there's a new system or book that you would like to try, but you would like somebody to show you the ropes. A professional might be just the thing you need to get rolling.

Are you looking for a rich storytelling experience, or just some hack and slash? Maybe your current Game Mater isn’t willing to using the books you like, or their style clashes with you. Hire one of Heartbreaker’s Game Masters, and let them handle the creative lifting, let them call the shots, and let them draw you into the fantasy worlds you seek.

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We care about giving good value for your money here at Heartbreaker Press. We know that you might feel unsure about the value of a paid Gamemaster service, so let’s compare it to other entertainment.

Consider going to a movie: you make your way to the theatre, buy your ticket, and unlesss you smuggled in a cache of illicit snacks you’re probably looking at a cost of $25-30 per person. For a 2 hour piece of non-interactive form of entertainment, which breaks down to around $12.5 to $15 an hour.

Now let’s look at an RPG session with one of our GMs:

- If you pay for a Basic game session, here’s how it breaks down: $20/4 hours = $5 an hour.

- If you pay for Premium Content that breaks down to: $30/4 hours = $7.5 an hour.

So not only are you getting better value for your dollars, but you can also meet new friends, exercise that imagination, and have some interactive fun that is the way you want it.

And as an added bit of value, anything you buy from us in our store earns you rewards that can be redeemed for free sessions, dice, or whatever. Campaigns can last for a long time, so this is our way to reward that

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